Ignoring the signs.

Most of the time when you run stop signs, red lights or yield signs there are consequences. I do the same things in my life. I ignore the signs telling me slow down, stop or the other person has the right away. Thankfully I just got a so called ticket for ignoring the signs. A ticket or wake up call in life. So I’m slowing down, finding a different road and traveling along my way. The old mantra about life not being about the end result its about the journey is becoming truer and truer. So my journey takes another turn today. I’ll be the bigger person and back off. Respect the wishes of a certain person. Life’s going to happen whether we agree with it or not. So there is no need in being angry. I’m very lucky in my life that a lot of things I wanted didn’t happen on my time. They happened when they were supposed to in the way God planned them to happen. So I’m choosing to believe whats meant to be will find a way. That my life will be great either way. What if I choose to stop rushing and choose to be still? What would happen if I just lived and let it be? I think I could find myself at peace more often. Find myself accepting what I can’t change.

I’m going to make that conscious effort to pay attention to what’s around me. Enjoy my life and not wait for it to happen. I’m going to live, breathe and smile. That’s what makes the most sense right now. Needing and wishing aren’t getting me anywhere. So I’ll be happy that I know what I want and in the right time it’ll happen.

“You can take from every experience what it has to offer you. And you cannot be defeated if you just keep taking one breath followed by another.” – Oprah


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