90’s Pop Music Solves Every Problem.

When I was a sophomore in college my roommate had a big decision to make. When I say big I mean literally life altering. Either join the Army and stay in ROTC or finish out her year and be done. See this girl was a trooper (and she still inspires me everyday, like to run mini-marathons and the such) and this was a hard decision for her to make. She loved ROTC but signing up for the Army is a big deal. Not a decision she could just make on the spot no thoughts about it. We had discussed the pro’s and con’s, what she felt was right for her and what everyone else felt was right for her. Then finally, being the genius that I am decided she should look for signs. Hence, Ace of Base became the theme song of our room. If you had a problem, turn on “The Sign” and it would be obvious what needed to be done.

So here I am today. 5 years later. Listening to Ace of Base. Looking for the sign. The sign that tells me which job to go for, what are the right words to say and what general direction should my life take . I know this song isn’t going to magically tell me what to do but maybe those memories of being back in that dorm room and believing (ok we really didn’t believe the song had the answer but it helped us laugh and think through a tough decision) that I’m making the right decision here. See I’m going to be 25 this year and that terrifies me to a point. I’m terrified that I’m not where I should be at 25. That my life isn’t what I pictured at 25. That I haven’t had the level of success that I should at this age. But it also excites me because I believe we get better with age. That we get better everyday with every experience.

So here is to “The Sign” and if nothing else Ace of Base provided us with an amazing video!


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