I love any type of dancing. I like going out with my friends and just not having a care in the world, just to dance. I like good music that has a beat. I will dance in the car, in my room and if my roommates not around in the living room. Its nice to just get up and move around. Now I do not claim to be a good dancer, by any means. I can look at other people in amazement and think “wow  I wish I could do that.” For instance Beyonce is one of my favorite artist and her ability to sing and dance blows me away every time.

I’ve always thought though what if my parents had put in me dance class when I was younger. I mean they put me in gymnastics I wonder why not dance class, though I’m pretty sure they never would have thought to put me in hip-hop class which is a shame. I think I might have been pretty good. These days I watch So You Think You Can Dance in amazement and wonder that what if question. I  love the show. I love the passion, the energy and the feeling these individuals give every performance. They have the ability to move the audience to tears. As a viewer I sit entranced by the beauty of the whole thing. These young people are using their gifts to their fullest ability. Its just amazing what they are capable of doing in such a short amount of time!



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