Friday Fun Day!

First things first I got a new nameplate at work today:

Yes that is a box of candy. (No they aren’t calling me fat ha ha…its ok to laugh when I make those jokes about myself) The chefs have been calling me DOTS since I started working here. Apparently Misty was not southern enough for them and Dottie was…so i became Dottie later to become dots! and here is my new nameplate!  From now on I will be handing out an individual dot as my business card!

Tomorrow officially starts break week at work! Of course I’ll miss the students but I’ll love being able to play my music as loud as I want in the library AND work uninterrupted! Also, I get to go back to Kentucky for a day. Bourbon trail + Chefs + Me + KENTUCKY = hilarious time!

While cleaning the library today I found a book that will probably become my best friend in the next week … “Hungry Girl 200 under 200: 200 recipes under 200 Calories” Really really excited to try some of this stuff out..maybe at our dinner on Thursday.

I decided to put my iTunes on shuffle hoping to come up with a musical genius post like a couple of weeks ago with the whole 90’s music…no such luck BUT i did come across some fabulous Travis Tritt. How can you not love this???And look at the amazing sparkly jacket he has on. Thank you Travis Tritt. and Ashley this is dedicated to you 🙂


I say this a lot and I mean it. Thank you to all my friends … I am beyond blessed.

As you can tell its a fabulous day here in Indy and at work! Lets hope for a continued success through the weekend! Have a safe and happy weekend everyone!


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