Sorry to have been gone for so long. Took a little time to figure out a job situation and which way I wanted my life to head. It’s something I’ve been alluding to for a while but I think I’ve always know the right decision, I was just worried about what people would think. I’ve decided to completely follow my heart and go back to school for my MLS. So when I graduate I will be a full fledge librarian! I’m actually really excited about the future. People have these preconceived notions about librarians (which I will readily admit I did too) but it is a really fun job. It’s all about the person you are and how you portray yourself. The library that I work in right now allows me to guide and help students everyday. It allows me to be me and have a smile on my face and talk with them. There isn’t really any “shushing” in this library. The students are able to ask any questions they need to and not feel like they are being patronized because what I want most for them is to succeed. To do something in their life that matters. Using a computer can be taught to them, how to cut potatoes can be taught; having the motivation and determination is on them. So if they have that then I am more than willing to help them learn.

All along when people ask me what I want to do I don’t really have a certain job in mind. I just want to help people. I want to give others the great opportunities I’ve had in my life. I want to make a difference. That’s the type of job I want to do for the rest of my life. Right now being a librarian gives me that opportunity. This might not be the ‘rest of my life’ job but it is very fulfilling for me at this time. Being in this job has taught me so much; it made the decision that much easier. Also, I can be myself and be the extrovert that I’ve become. So now that I’ve got that little spill out of the way.

In other exciting news we will be getting a bunny in our apartment. Technically it is for my roommates 6th grade classroom BUT I am going to claim weekend duties of watching the little baby. Her name is going to be Loretta! So now we have baby Loretta and baby Murphy. They will always be babies in my eyes ha ha.

Sadly, I have missed the last 3 weeks of So You Think You Can Dance. I watched an episode from a while ago and literally cried during the Melanie and Marko dance. Just beautiful and passionate. Still so jealous I don’t have that ability but hey we all can’t be dancers!

Also, in sad news I will be giving up my Kentucky drivers license soon…this depresses me soooo much. I was supposed to get my Indiana license within 60 days of moving up here but I am Kentucky proud ha ha. I’ll probably cry when I hand them my license. Why did I move to this state again? (kidding just kidding) but if they’d let me keep my license I would be the happiest girl that day!

Ok last two things I am in countdown mode until I leave for California 70 days! I am getting to see my cousins I haven’t seen in forever. Also, we have a 2 hour and 40 min layover in LAX! Jessica and I will be celebrity watching hard core! and will probably take more pictures in that short amount of time that the rest of the trip! Yesterday marked the release of Luke Bryan’s new cd “Tailgates and Tanlines”! It is such a good cd! I’m really becoming a big fan of this guy and the songs are great. Right now my favorites are ‘Drunk on You’ and ‘I Don’t Want This Night to End’. Not that I need more reason to love the south but his voice and accent make me miss it so much. Oh sweet Georgia thanks for giving us Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean!


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