Friday Fun! (on a Saturday!)

It’s Saturday! (and I need sleep…I’m too old to be up late 2 nights in a row)…So I tried to finish this on Friday but time got away from me and I ended up at the Apple Store which means nothing got finished!

As I mentioned last Friday our house has another inhabitant:

This is Loretta! she is a Mini Lop bunny! How adorable?! She was very skiddish at first but she is coming around to us and loves to cuddle!

I am in full planning mode for my friends bridal shower!?! I won’t give away the theme on the random chance she decides to read my blog! But I’m super excited and I am loving this…my mind is in creative mode these days, I feel like I’m doing something so important and I want her to enjoy this day to the fullest! If you have any ideas I would love them!

Along with the theme I am looking up recipes like crazy these days. I wish I had money to just buy all the ingredients and cook all the time. I’d be one happy girl. I have spent my morning at work look at foodgawker. Such great ideas and so many new things!

I FINISHED MY GRAD SCHOOL ESSAY! That in itself was a great thing since I haven’t written an essay in like 3 years.

I know everyone has been talking about “Watch the Throne” album but I must say it is amazing. I’ve been listening to it a lot while at work and I love it.

I found this link on another blog and loved it. A Beautiful Mess. I also love the name of her blog. Sometimes I feel it’s in vain to say I feel like I’m a beautiful mess but its the truth I am. Sometimes I think I’m more of a mess than beautiful but life would be boring if it was the same every day.

Well I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Spend it with some people you love and enjoy it!


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