So I get inspired easily. I like to think of ways to do things myself…and I love the internet as a way to find these things. As you know my dear friend Alyssa is getting married soon. I want her to have the most amazing bridal shower that I can throw. Mainly because I like to plan and I like to make things as personal as possible. I’m not sure I’m a fan of cookie cutter weddings, I like them to represent the couple. So I want the shower to be themed like the couple and the decorations to be hand made not store bought if possible. Now this is a big undertaking since I’ve learned I’m a little bit of a control freak and have decided to do a lot of the stuff myself. With that being said I’ve designed the invites and other goodies (just need to get them printed but I’ve never done that at kinko’s so this should be interesting), found a great idea for different decorations and there are so many food options. I just love being this creative. I love the idea that I’m creating something that she will appreciate. The other bridesmaids are amazing and I love bouncing ideas off of each other. I always get nervous giving my ideas or showing them my designs. I sometimes doubt my ability to make something good SO it was a huge confidence booster to hear they loved my ideas.

I think party planning for someone you truly care about is so much fun. All this has me thinking about my dad’s retirement party. He is planning on retiring early next year and I couldn’t be more excited for him. He has worked hard for so long that he deserves a huge party and that is what I plan on giving him. I want it to be a time when he realizes how much he is appreciate by EVERYONE. So all this creativeness is taking up my time and I LOVE IT.


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