Fall is here!

I finally feel that Fall is here. The weather is cold for a few days in a row. The trees are all changing colors. And I LOVE IT! Fall is my favorite time of year. I think because it means my birthday is almost here (at almost 25 I still get really really really excited about my birthday…lame? NOPE) Fall also means fall comfort food. Pumpkin in almost anything you can put pumpkin in and apple cider is a must. This year I’m trying some new things I’ve found on the internet and thanks to working at a culinary school I find myself looking at food blogs quite often.

The first is a pumpkin apple bread. It just looks and sounds amazing. You can find it here at A Chow Life! I love bloggers like this. One day I’d like to be a blogger that says something people care about haha. I think this bread just looks so good and great for a rainy rainy day here in Indianapolis. Something about it makes me think of home. Full hearty food. mmmmmmhmmmm.

I also really love tomato soup and grilled cheese this time of year. It seems like every year I go on a about a 3 week span where that’s all I want to eat. So this year I found a fabulous idea for tomato soup with the cheese broiled on top from Smitten Kitchen. Now I’m a huge fan of french onion soup so to do the same type of thing with tomato soup is GENIUS! I can’t wait to try this in the coming weeks. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

And lastly a website I think everyone should know The Pioneer Woman. She has a little bit of everything on her website. She has a book that I’ve started reading and I really like. Being from a country home and rural living I appreciate home cooked meals. I appreciate full and hearty meals. I want to provide the type of home environment my mom and grandma provided. I love cooking for others and seeing them enjoy my creation. There is just something about providing people with food that feeds the soul as well. I absolutely love it.


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