So I’m sure by now you know I turned 25 this past weekend. I decided to document the experience by photos. Some are hilarious. Some are sweet. But most are hilarious and have stories behind them.

Here’s the story:

A student heard my birthday was coming up and brought me a piece of cake with a “happy birthday” sign she made! Super sweet and started the birthday weekend off right!

Then the gift my sister got me came in the mail! These amazing Glitter Pink Toms! I absolutely love them. They give me an extra little pizazzzzzzzzzz! They truly brightened a bad day for me. The best part is my sister hates the color pink and she hated buying these for me BUT she did because she loves me!

Saturday morning I woke up to this on the kitchen table from my roommate! Since I was going to Kentucky for the weekend she gave me my gift early. I love it. I love making cupcakes and now have a fabulous way to display them. Thank you Jessica!

So after packing up the car I hit to road to Kentucky. Where I met up with my bff Brittany! This next series of pictures are from us at Churchill Downs! We didn’t hit it big that day…but we had fun!


This was the horses at the finish line. Mine didn’t win.

This was my horse. Someone put dirt in the horses face … that’s why I believe my horse didn’t win. Stupid dirt.

This is Brittany’s horse that won. She didn’t give me half of the winnings. Stingy with her $6. Geez.

    It was cold and this is what the gift shop had to offer us. Fascinators!  I really really really wanted to buy this but couldn’t justify the $46.

Then came dinner time!

Lynn’s Paradise Cafe is amazing. If you’re ever in Louisville you should go. They made my birthday celebration amazing … well along with my company! Thank you Jessica, Brittany and Dusty for taking time out of your days to make my birthday special. I truly love everything you guys did for me.

Then because Brittany is so excited for my birthday she let me stay at her house! That she just bought! (super proud and excited for her) AND she made me a cake. Please don’t look at me in the pictures I look horrible. I had just showered and was preparing my mind to get ready for an evening with Ashley, Julie and Brittany!

This was my cake she made me!

I accidentally dropped the 25!

I decided that was a perfect way to end 24 by dropping cake on the floor. I know 25 will be great because look how it started!



I think this last picture describes the entire night. Lots of laughing and fun. Love these girls! Perfect way to bring in 25! Thank you ladies for an amazing night at Hotel! So much fun … too bad ‘ didn’t join us 🙂

For my actual birthday I spent the day with my family. No pictures were taken sadly but it was a great day. Nothing better than your nephew calling you a pig. I mean great self confidence booster haha. Somehow I still love the kid.

Then to cap off the amazing weekend I spent Monday in Lexington. Home. It felt good. Lunch with Stace Stace. Seeing all my old co-workers and catching up. Delivered some cigs (fake of course) to Ashley. I ended the night in Lexington the usual way and with a smile on face. There is something about spending time with people who want to be around you and want to make you feel special that can push out any sadness. There are people in life that make you a better person, that make you realize that you’re meant for more. And there are those people that make you smile a lot. Like you have to thank God for them everyday because you know you’re lucky to be around them. That’s how I left Lexington, with that smile on my face.

I drove back to Indy that night and as a result of a cold and all my celebrating I am now taking all this.

But I wouldn’t trade one moment of this past weekend. It was simply the best.

So to everyone Thank you Thank you Thank you for making me feel loved, special and deserving of a great 25th birthday. As my favorite man at Mesh told me “It isn’t about those that don’t celebrate with you, it’s about those that are there!”

Thank you for being there!



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