That Gut Feeling.

You know when you have that gut feeling about something you are supposed to do. That no matter if you avoid it, don’t think about it or people tell you are dumb; that feeling is still right there. I’m having that experience these days. I don’t know why I feel so strongly about what I’m doing or in this case not doing. But I think it’s right. I may end up looking like an idiot and may end up heart broken but I can’t shake this feeling that what’s meant to be will be. That I have to take a chance. That God has a plan in store and that I’m trusting that this is him leading me this way.

I’m completely terrified right now. I’ve never had this experience before and I am doubting a little right now. So I’m not making any serious decisions I’m kind of waiting to make sure this is what I’m supposed to do and this is God’s plan. Because I know he wants the best for me and as terrified, stressed, overwhelmed with fear and some doubt I’m trusting that waiting is what he wants.

Oh how scared I am right now that I’m letting some good things pass me by but I’m waiting for great. I pray I’m not wrong. I think the fear is telling me I’m wrong but I’ve gotta live by what’s meant to be will happen. So in the spirit of “to thine own self be true” I’m following my gut and praying for strength.


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