I’ve been working on this post for a while. I mention my friends often in my blog because they mean a lot to me. So it’s very very hard for me to single out a friend and dedicate a post to them. But I think now is a perfect time to do this and it’s for a special occasion so I don’t think any of my other friends will be offended.

This is to Alyssa.

My dear friend who will be married soon. I’ve mentioned her before because we were in the process of planning her shower/bachelorette party. I’ve never written about how I know her though. We met our freshman year of college. She lived down the hall from me and I can’t honestly tell you the first conversation I had with her or what we talked about ever really. But I also can’t remember not having her in my life. She has been the constant stream of support. Whether it was changing my major, switching schools, struggling with classes, moving back or other personal struggles. She is always right there for me. I can only hope I provide her with the same amount of support.

Over the years we’ve had many inside jokes. We share the love of Lifetime movies and it is almost guaranteed that we will cry at the Lifetime movies or Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. We are weepy and it’s totally fine. We accept this about each other haha. We also share another thing in common. When Alyssa was younger she dreamed of being a librarian. While most children played grocery store or doctors office, Alyssa was playing library. Oh did we have so much fun with this fact during college. We made signs, made sure we were quiet and treated her like a librarian. Now 5 years later I find myself working in a library and will be a librarian in 18 months. I guess the jokes on me 😉 Our sophomore year of college was one of the funniest Shady McShadster made an appearance, Thieves Anonymous and Crackhead jokes.

Here we are basically 6 years later. We’ve been through a lot. Some good (college graduation, jobs, and moves), Some bad (break ups, heartbreak and general growing pains) and I think our friendship is stronger than ever. I’ve mentioned in post before that I am sad she is moving away after she is married BUT I am just being selfish. I’m sad that my friend is moving but I know she will be with Jeffy so she will be happy. That’s truly what matters (although I’m not sure how Jeff could refuse a Top 10 list of reasons to move back to Indy with Me at the top…geez). I am completely honored to be in her wedding! I think it’s an honor when someone asks you to be a part of her wedding day. It’s a day they want to remember for the rest of their life. So to be in her wedding is a privilege. Plus she picked out gorgeous dresses for the bridesmaids. Actually, they have been described as luscious and I’ll take that description. So I’m very excited about this New Year’s Eve wedding. I’m happy to be celebrating the love that these two have and to celebrate their relationship. I’ve seen first hand how they complement each other. Hold each other up when they need it, support each other and love each other. I fully appreciate their relationship and how I’ve seen her fall in love. I appreciate how he treats her and how he calms her down when she’s upset. I’m just so happy for her. And ready to celebrate so she can go be with Jeff instead of seeing him a weekend every month.

So to Alyssa. I love you. Thank you for the friendship that we’ve cultivated over the past 6 years. I’m so happy to support you and send you into your new life with Jeff. I’m so excited to see how your life and love grows throughout the rest of your life. I can’t wait to see what you create for yourself and your family. I can’t wait to create new memories in Minneapolis when I visit/move in because I’m going to be a poor librarian ha-ha. I’m excited to see our families (I say our because I anticipate one day having a family to share) grow as we become older. We’ve gone from two bright-eyed naïve 18 year old kids to 25-year-old women with lives and goals. With achievable dreams and visions. We’ve entered adulthood gracefully (or I like to believe so) yet we still hold onto our fun and enjoy our laughs. As we enter this next chapter of our lives I can only hope we stay this close. No matter how far away either of us moves I’m always here for you. I know it’s a little early but congratulations on entering this next chapter of your life.

To Jeff, thank you for loving her the way you do. I’m so happy you two found each other and I’m excited for the life you two will grow together. Also, I hope you enjoy chicken. I’ve done the best I can but chicken is still the go to dish J


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