Craft time! Cards!

So I need to admit something. I keep almost any card that is sent to me. Whether it is a birthday, graduation, valentines day or just a any day card. There is something about going back through them that makes me smile. Like reminds me how loved I am. Well I have been looking for something to do with these cards for a while. I didn’t want to just put them in a box and I came across this on one of my favorite blogs (yes i know this is for “christmas picture cards”) but I think it works just as well for me. Nice thing is I already have a hole punch and the metal claspy things she recommends…and the best time to start this project…11 pm at night.

Here is what I started with:

A huge pile of cards, three hole punch and some binder rings!

Next I just divided my cards out into the different “books” I wanted to make. So I did a graduation card, birthday card, cards from my momma and cards from my friends book!

After dividing them I started punching holes in the cards:

This is what took the longest…mainly because I started looking and reading all the cards again. I found gems like this card from one of my college roommates Val:

She drew out a scenario that incorporated most of the funniest moments during our time as roommates our sophomore year! It made me smile.

Next I put the binder rings through all the holes and clipped it shut. Then end book ended up looking like this:


This was my graduation book! The great thing about the binder rings is they allow you to still open the card!

Here are the four ‘books’ that I have now:  

I love them! I can add to the books whenever I want because the binder rings allow you to add new cards. Also, I can buy different sizes in the future if the book gets to big…but I think at that point I’ll start throwing some of the old ones out. Now I can organize these on my bookshelf!

So now that this craft project is finished and it has started me on a major “cleansing” project. I’ve started going through my stuff and getting rid of what I do not need. Like clothes, papers, junk. etc. It feels good to throw out un-needed stuff. I’m preparing for a move in the next 6 months and I want to streamline the process as much as possible.

I’m also on a major baking kick. I’m going to bake some pumpkin bread this weekend and maybe just maybe these mini corn loaves from who else The Pioneer Woman. I’m pretty excited to try them!



One comment

  1. Alyssa · December 5, 2011

    Those are soooo cool!!!!! You’re amazing Mist.

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