Friday links! (Pinterest Edition)

Something about the holidays just makes me feel like a crafty person. I like creating things but with my renewed interest in Pinterest and all the crafty things available on there my desire to create has been heightened. So this Friday will be a lot of links about craftiness.

First I love headbands. I have one that is a big sequin bow and it just gives a little bit extra when I wear it. Even if it is just a t-shirt and scarf. Well on I found this little DIY project earlier today on Pinterest. You can create a headband, bracelet, necklace and ring from just a t-shirt! Love. (Tripping Over Joy)

I love how the internet has create a tutorial on how to do almost anything. It is amazing the connection we can have with people. I have bangs. I kinda love them…sometimes. Because I have such dark hair a lot of times the french braid thing doesn’t look too good. Well I found this tutorial and I can’t wait to try it out. I says it is quicker than a french braid so we will see and I’ll TRY to remember to tell you how it worked.

I just noticed I’m using I love a lot in this post. Well here is another thing I love…wrapping presents. I try and make pretty bows…key word try. well here is a little guide to making nice and pretty bows. I love the colors and it looks like they are using magazine strips. GENIUS. (100 Layer Cake-blog) I visited this blog as well and they have some pretty cool wedding ideas…probably should pass this along to my sister!

I try not to take the librarian title to the extreme but I truly love books. I love the way books look sat around a living room. They are great for decorating and discussion topics and in general awesomeness. Well I think this lamp is a great way to use some old books. I think you can probably find the books you need at a yard sale, half priced book store, flea market or peddlers mall and not pay that much! (HGTV via Pinterest, of course)

So go on your merry way and create some stuff this weekend!

“If you ever felt like giving up, remember why you kept holding on”


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