Friday Links! (on a Saturday Morning)

So earlier this week I started thinking about what kind of links I wanted to do this Friday. Well as you can see it is Saturday and I am just now doing the post…oops. Somehow my Friday got away from me and I’m not sure how that happened. Oh well. I figured a day late is better than nothing at all!

First I must say that this Texts From Bennett site has been making its way around the internet. It claims to be real and I have met people in my life-like Bennett so that’s not hard for me to believe. It makes me laugh … a lot so I’m not really concerned if it is real or not. Warning the language can be a little much but the spelling and grammar mistakes are too funny.

I posted this on my FB page but I can’t stop laughing at this pictures. One thing you learn quickly about me is I LOVE the University of Kentucky. I mean absolutely love it. Love the school, can’t wait to get my masters from there, love the football team, love the basketball team. I support the players past when they are done at the school. I actively support the Bronco’s because Wesley Woodyard plays for them, Green Bay Packers because they have Randall Cobb and Tim Masthay, Washington Wizards because of John Wall, Detroit Pistons because of Tayshaun Prince and Brandon Knight and the Sacramento Kings because of DeMarcus Cousins and Chuck Hayes. Get the point I love them. Well every once in a while there is player that comes along and you can’t help but love. Not only for their skills but their personality. That is DeMarcus Cousins! They published his photos from media day and hilarious is all I can say. So funny and his quotes are sarcastic and funny. Here are the pictures and a quote from one of my all time favorite blogs Kentucky Sports Radio. Oh DeMarcus thank you for the laugh this week!

Have to include this little crafty post for the week. Headbands…favorite accessory (well maybe tied with a scarf). I’m wearing one with a big black sequins bow as I type. Here is a DIY Ribbon Wrapped Headband from Lil Boo Blue. Enjoy!

Alright I’m off to spend the weekend in my favorite place…LEXINGTON! Christmas party with some dear friends tonight. I’m sure it will include lots of laughter and hilarious gifts. I will probably be blushing the entire time. What’s life without a little embarrassment! Have a fabulous weekend!



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