New cooking adventure!

I love to cook and bake. It is seriously the most zoned out thing I love to do. It relaxes me and I feel good knowing I’m made something from scratch. What makes it even better is that these two recipes I made is that they are healthier options. AND super filling. Two things that I love since I’m trying to eat healthier and live a healthier lifestyle. One that lasts!

First I made whole wheat and oat pancakes. Weird sounding but they are super good!

I put bananas on top but they are fabulous by themselves.

Here is the recipe from Cate’s World Kitchen! The only things I did different was use Plain Greek yogurt because it’s what I found at the store and I used soy milk because I’m allergic to dairy milk and never keep it in the fridge. Definitely worth a try!

Last week I got my new copy of Fitness magazine in the mail. Well they had a couple of recipes listed in the magazine to help accomplish your health related goals for the new year. So I decided to try the to help lose weight recipe.

It is a sweet potato and pork chili.

Here’s the deal. I thought I had pork loin in the freezer…because of my pops I have an almost unlimited supply of beef and pork … well I didn’t have pork loin I had tenderloin. So I used it instead. The pork wasn’t the important part of the healthy chili. It was about having protein, fiber (because of the beans), veggies and being a chili or soup is a more filling meal. So I was excited to make the chili for my week dinners!

All the ingredients! It is actually not an expensive dish to make if you have all the spices and keep diced tomatoes and beans in stock.

First things first is to chop the onion, celery, carrot, and the sweet potato. Now I have a confession…I HATE PEELING CARROTS AND POTATOES. It literally is one of my least favorite things but I did it. I knew it was important to the end result so I did it. Usually I avoid recipes that say ‘peel’ in them.

Cook them until tender … takes about 10 mins .

Next add the chopped up “pork” or in my case tenderloin into the pot.

Let the meat brown…takes about 5 or so minutes.

During this time I mixed all my spices into a bowl. That way I wouldn’t be measure them over the ‘chili’ and could add them all at once. I also used this time to drain the beans and rinse them. A choice I would later regret.

Next I added into the pot the chipotle pepper, adobo sauce, and the vegetable stock. Now take my advice on this…add less adobo sauce and let the person eating the chili add more spice if they want. This chili nearly lit my mouth on fire because I did not do that.

Now here is where I regret rinsing the beans early. Because you let the chili simmer for an hour now before you put the beans in the chili. Well I decided to start cleaning up my mess and accidentally knocked the beans off the counter.

I maybe cried a little because I didn’t have another can of navy beans. So I improvised and used chickpeas! I can’t tell a difference, maybe because I’ve never had it with navy beans but I digress substitute what you can and make due with what you have!

After and hour the apartment was smelling very nice and it was time to add in the beans.

   The picture doesn’t do this chili justice. It’s really good.

Also because I’m meal planning these days I went ahead and separated the chili into 4 containers, because it made 4 servings, so I could easily fix my dinner this week.

I would absolutely recommend this recipe. It’s a little spicy but definitely filling. Good option for a cold, rainy winter week. (well it’s not really cold today but it’s the midwest…tomorrow we could get a blizzard)



One comment

  1. Alyssa · January 18, 2012

    MISTY!! That looks so good. It even looks easy enough that I could make it and not screw up too bad. You know I’m looking to expand the things I can make that don’t involve chicken, haha.

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