Lonely in the Crowd.

I did a little addition to the blog last week. I added the “who am i?” tab. I was inspired after seeing a mission statement for another blog that was so honest and open. I started thinking about taking the blog to another level because I know I can’t be the only girl struggling with these things. I’ve been pretty honest about who I am from the beginning and I’ve been pretty open. I’m going through a tough season in my life. I feel shattered, bruised, broken and at the end of this struggle. My heart has been broken into a million pieces. I’ve lost friendships that I thought wouldn’t end. I’ve realized how far I’d fallen in my faith and I’m not sure how to get it back at this point. I finally admitted last week to someone that I’d lost my fight at this point. I don’t have to will to fight. I’m tired of fighting for people that don’t want to fight back for me. I reached a breaking point today where the tears started falling. I started praying and while I know he hears me I’m not sure I deserve it today. I know God is here but I feel lonely. Maybe this is the point I had to reach. Where I have no where else to go but climb out of the mire and muck.

I’m bruised. I’m broken. I’m searching for the light at the end of this season.


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