late Friday post.

I’ve been working on being still this week. Listening. Praying. Learning. Feeling. Kind of allowing myself to re-group the best I can. I’m overwhelmed with homework and GRE studying and trying to be everything … what I’ve learned this week is I do not want people to think I’m weak. But sometimes we have to admit that we need help and we need support. That’s what I did this week and I’m feeling much better. I do not feel as hopeless as I did before and I’m happy about that. I’ve missed writing this week. I’m going to try and keep things as positive as possible in the future but I thank you for staying with me through these tough times.

Today I had lunch with one of my friends. I haven’t seen her in over a month so she had no idea of what has been going on in my crazy life. So I told her of the heartache, stress and broken-ness. She listened and loved on me, which is something I’ll forever be grateful for of her. Then as we were leaving she pulled a card out of her purse and said this is for you. Open it later. This is the cover:

There is no way she knew what was going on in my life when she picked out this card and wrote the sweet sweet message inside. I don’t take these things lightly. I fully believe in things happening at the right time. I needed her encouragement and love today. So to my friend Val. Thank you. I love you dearly, and because of you Ace to Base will always be one of my favorite bands.

On to the weekend! I’m pretty excited. I’ve finished one of my assignments early so my Saturday morning at work  can be spent studying for the GRE. Then my Brittany comes to visit! I can’t say enough about my friends. I can already say that I will laugh a lot, eat some good food and probably cry during her time here. It’ll be great. I also plan on making some soup this weekend, I’m really trying to keep a meal plan and work out harder these days. I’m about 10 lbs from my goal and I just want to be there.

Also, here are a couple great website/blogs I found and thought I would share.

Running to the Kitchen – great mix of recipes. can’t wait to make a couple of her salad recipes.

Skinny Taste – lots of low cal/fat recipes and it includes weight watcher points!

Try these. Let me know what you think.

Relax and I hope you all have a fabulous weekend.


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