Happy Saturday Night!

So I’m late on my weekly post … sorry. Grad school is a little crazy. More work than I realized… and I’m not the greatest at staying on task sometimes. Oh well…

This week I’ll give you some things I’ve discovered :

1. Kale. Who knew I would love this leafy vegetable. Kale chips (super easy to make) are my new favorite snack. Totally low cal and healthy. Also … Kale salads. I’m trying to eat a low cal diet right now to get my weight loss jump started again…it’s plateaued recently.

2. I tried a new church this past week. It was good to experience something different. It gave me a new perspective for sure.

3. I’m doing better this week than I have in a while. I’m sure some would say I’m dumb for talking to ‘the boy’ still after everything that has happened but I can’t say I’m strong enough to let go right now. I’ve definitely got my guard up though and I’m ok for the time being.

4. it’s only like 72 days until I move back to Kentucky. It seriously can’t come soon enough

5. I love this cover by Miley Cyrus. Yes I know it’s Miley Cyrus but I just like it.

6. I’m doing an annotative bibliography for my reference class and I’m of course doing hip hop and influence. A total me subject. I’ve gotten about 10 books from the library so far and my favorite is Jay-Z Decoded. I encourage people to check it out…gives a lot of background and influence into his lyrics and his life.

7. Lastly, it’s book lover weekend at Half Price books. They have a 40% off coupon on their website that’s good until Feb 20th…go check it out!

Alrighty people back to the homework on this grand Saturday evening!


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