59 Diamonds, 2 people and 1 love.

Well I have some fantastic news…my best friend of 20 plus year got engaged yesterday! I still can’t believe it but I am beyond excited. I had the privilege of Andrew asking me to help and be there with them on their special day. I am so thankful he did this because it meant the world to me. The look on her face when she saw me come around the corner was beyond worth it!

I have to say that Casey is really lucky to have a fiance like Andrew and a friend like Ashley, these two collaborated for a great evening for her. I took lots of pictures while perched up on the balcony of the Joe’s Crab Shack. I thought I’d share a few.

The moment she realized what was happening!

Putting the GORGEOUS ring on!

Celebrating with Ashley!

Yep! He did a goooooood job!

Congrats to the beautiful couple!

To Casey: We’ve been through so many things in our friendship and I am so beyond blessed to have you in my life. Please know I love you, you’re like a sister and I can’t wait to see what this next year brings to you while planning this wedding. I’m so excited to be there every step of the way!


Thoughts on joy and a cheerful heart.

This past week has been a good one. I came back from Kentucky with a mostly clear mind and a open heart. I have heard before that you can’t really experience joy until you’ve experience sorrow. Now I don’t know if that is necessarily true but today I’m leaning towards yes. I think that sometimes until you experienced losing a love, a friend and a dream; you can’t fully appreciate those friends, loves and dreams you still have. At least this is true for me.

I haven’t been the best at experiencing these things in my life. I let the worry and the fear overtake my thoughts. I can become gloomy and scared. I don’t like that version of me. It’s not good. I take on other people’s energy and it affects me greatly. I need to learn to not let their opinions or moods affect me.

This all brought me to thoughts on joy and cheerfulness today. I’m a quote person.  I love them. I love words. I love wisdom. and sometimes I think wise words can open a new way of thinking. This morning I woke up with a mind to have a joy filled day. Yesterday was a little rough. I let the little things get me down. I let my thoughts and my mind work in overdrive, never a good thing. So I set my mind on having joy and cheer. I’ve already had someone comment on my smile today, which I love. I know everyday can’t be sunshine and flowers but I can set my mind to have joy, even in the sorrows because I know I’m taken care of. That I was created in such a beautiful image. That nothing I face can bring me completely down. I can’t place my joy in my feelings or the happenings of the world. I have a source of joy that isn’t worldly.

I’m learning to let go of the worldly hopes because I tend to dream in perfections. Like a perfect world this would happen. We don’t live in a perfect world. My new hopes are a lot better. I think it’s best spoken by Ms. Maya Angelou: “My great hope is to laugh as much as I cry; to get my work done and try to love somebody and have the courage to accept the love in return.” – I don’t expect a perfect love anymore. It’s a nice relief. It allows me to be me and accept what comes my way…with a cheerful spirit. People notice. And I like people to notice my smile rather than my frown.

So I’m trying to start my days with joy and a cheerful heart. To remember what I’m grateful for and how blessed I am. How the trials of my life are only trials, they aren’t life long. And to keep letting go of the ideal perfect and to live my life. As un-perfect and messy as it is, I’m creating a story that is only mine!


That is all I can muster up on this evening. It has been a weekend. A great but long weekend. I have so many decisions to make but I have faith it’s all going to be ok. I’m praying hard about what to do and I’m hoping the answers come … soon. But again I know it’ll come in His time not mine.

7 weeks. Tons to complete. Wish me luck.

Love for Trader Joe’s

My last post was a little short. Honestly, my computer and this blog were not cooperating. They didn’t want to upload more pictures. I’m positive it wasn’t user error 🙂

I just got out of class and decided to take a little break and watch some tv and drink some tea. Trader Joe’s is my absolute favorite Mint tea. I don’t know why I love it so much but I just do. I sometimes wonder what I did without a Trader Joe’s. The thing is I never knew what I was missing. They have these fabulous 100 calorie dark chocolate bars, great whole wheat mini pita things, great cheap salad fixings, the list could go on and on and on. (this isn’t a sponsored post…just showing some love)

As for the tv I decided to watch…”Just Wright.” I love this movie but I’ve watched a few too many love movies lately.But it’s all ok…I’m so excited for the future. I don’t have this idea that everything will be perfect in my way of perfect but everything will be ok. I believe in love a little more than ever right now and more than ever I know what I’m worth. I’m learning from the failures … because honestly they would be pointless if I didn’t learn.

I’m also planning a fabulous retirement party for my pops. I designed an invite, started putting together the guest list and planning the menu. Something about planning a party just cheers me up.

It’s been a busy Monday and I’ve got a busier week ahead of me in prepping to go back to Lexington for the weekend! (I’m a little excited about that!!!!)

What are some things you’re looking forward too? What cheers you up out of a funky mood?

A Week in Review.

I went home last weekend for my sisters birthday…I didn’t take any pictures of her birthday party BUT I did take a ton of pictures of the farm. It’s one of my favorite places to be.

Here is my nephew helping my pops load hay!

This is a very dangerous situation. The Go-Kart!

These are all pregnant cows and one new born calf!

I have tons more but I can’t upload them all right now! Just let me tell you this is the most relaxing and fun place to be. On my dad’s farm I can’t mess up. I can have fun, ride the tractors, go 4wheeling, see the cows and just do whatever. No stress zone is what I like to call it…except when I get back to Indianapolis and realize I didn’t do any homework…oy vey!