Love for Trader Joe’s

My last post was a little short. Honestly, my computer and this blog were not cooperating. They didn’t want to upload more pictures. I’m positive it wasn’t user error 🙂

I just got out of class and decided to take a little break and watch some tv and drink some tea. Trader Joe’s is my absolute favorite Mint tea. I don’t know why I love it so much but I just do. I sometimes wonder what I did without a Trader Joe’s. The thing is I never knew what I was missing. They have these fabulous 100 calorie dark chocolate bars, great whole wheat mini pita things, great cheap salad fixings, the list could go on and on and on. (this isn’t a sponsored post…just showing some love)

As for the tv I decided to watch…”Just Wright.” I love this movie but I’ve watched a few too many love movies lately.But it’s all ok…I’m so excited for the future. I don’t have this idea that everything will be perfect in my way of perfect but everything will be ok. I believe in love a little more than ever right now and more than ever I know what I’m worth. I’m learning from the failures … because honestly they would be pointless if I didn’t learn.

I’m also planning a fabulous retirement party for my pops. I designed an invite, started putting together the guest list and planning the menu. Something about planning a party just cheers me up.

It’s been a busy Monday and I’ve got a busier week ahead of me in prepping to go back to Lexington for the weekend! (I’m a little excited about that!!!!)

What are some things you’re looking forward too? What cheers you up out of a funky mood?


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