Thoughts on hopefulness and being optimistic…

I struggle sometimes to feel hopeful and optimistic…if you aren’t hopeful for things to happen it lessens the blow if they don’t. These past two days though have been different. I have been hopeful and optimistic that I’m making the right choices. That it will all work out ok. Maybe what I want isn’t best but what I’m going to get is so much better than I’ve ever dreamed. I just believe that…

Today someone asked me about moving back and my answer was that I was so excited because of all the possibilities. I can’t name them all but it’s endless. I’m optimistic for a change and it’s good. I’m hopeful that this opportunity I was introduced to today will work out. I’m hopeful that other situations will resolve themselves rather quickly once I’m back. This sense of optimism is nice. It’s refreshing and it feels like a long time coming…

To quote Florence + the machine…”it’s always darkest before the dawn” I feel like dawn is coming and this dark cloud is thinning out.

It’s nice.


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