Brittany aka B-Unit

Oh my dear friend Brittany!

So today is Brittany’s 26th birthday! What better reason to dedicate a post to her!

We’ve been friends for oh about 6 years now and I’m so very blessed to have her in my life. She is so level headed and honest and supporting and just the girl who will be there through anything with me friend. I had no idea though when we met that our friendship would be where it is today!

See Brittany and I worked together the summer between my freshman and sophomore year of college. We worked at a doctors office and quickly we knew we were meant to be friends. Between the wheezing laughs, dropping sodas and peanut the dog our friendship grew. It was that summer that Talladega Nights came out. A-unit (miss you!) and the two of us drove the Tomater (this fabulous car her dad let us borrow for the night) to the movies. We could have taken a new Suburban but we chose like a 70’s Chevy something car to drive.

Since then our friendship has only gotten stronger. This past year I have seen her become such an amazing young woman. She is diligent in her work, but believe me she knows how to have fun. She bought a house! CRAZY! She has also taught me many many valuable lessons…I’ll list a few:

1. If you want to hide food…hide it on top of the fridge.

2. Never, ever, never go out in Broad Ripple without your sunglasses on.

3. There are plenty of fish in the sea 😉

4. Most importantly she has taught me how to be a great friend.

In what I’ll call one of the toughest years of my life I can count on my hand the number of constant supporters I had and she is one of them. She went above and beyond to celebrate my birthday when my life really went haywire. She has opened her house to me so that I can take the time I need to find a job but still move back home. Every time I visit she has opened her door and said stay. As long as you need.  She cares deeply for her friends, and I try to tell her daily how thankful I am!

So Brittany on this day, and really on everyday, celebrate yourself. Know how loved you are, know what a gift you are to your friends, know how strong a woman you are, and know that I’ll never have to worry about anyone eating my rice krispie treats because I know where to hide them!



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