I’ve decided that April is probably one of my favorite months! Not only was my momma born in April but two of my best friends! Yesterday we celebrated Brittany’s birthday and today we celebrate Ashley’s! Along with Brittany, Ashley is one of the other constants in my life during this past year. (I know I’m a pretty lucky girl!)

Let’s start off with a picture…or a couple! There are so many to choose from with Ashley and I, so I’ll go with the birthday’s we’ve celebrated.

This was the first of her birthday’s we celebrated 23

This is the second birthday celebration 24


Unfortunately I couldn’t be there for 26 or this year 27 (so if you’re counting Ashley and you’ve gotten your birthday card I definitely counted wrong so this is 5 birthdays not 4 we’ve celebrated….SORRY!)…BUT I will be making up for missing those birthdays in a couple weeks when I move back!

Ashley and I met at work…seems to be where I meet a lot of my friends ha ha. We worked at Toys R Us, during Christmas season. Crazy. She was just graduating college and I was in my junior year. I honestly can’t remember my life without her. It was that spring we decided to be roommates, we celebrated the first of her birthdays together, and that summer when she got her first love, Zuko.

We celebrated our move in the 1021st with a party! It was a HUGE success! Party started at 7 (well for Ashley and I at 5) and ended at promptly 10pm. Ha ha. Success!

We had a Rob and Uncle Jerry dance battle..I think she won.

I do not know where to begin with our stories and adventures. There are so many that are my favorites. Most of my memories in the past 5 years of my life have involved Ashley. From graduating college, to our cruise, to beach trips, to straight free expression, to taco bell drive thru’s, to find a broad on the ripple, to the blue moon, to UK football games, and so many more.

Here’s a few things you should know about my friend:

She is an inspiration to me

I have watched her be one of the best sisters you could ask for.

She does a great Michael Jackson dance impression, I think their spirits are connected

One of the best at Missy Elliott Karaoke!

She always makes me laugh and absolutely helps me smile during down times

I honestly can’t even put into words the way I feel about my friend, I just know she is true and good and her friendship is one that will last a lifetime. As we grow older (which is a little scary, we’ve grown together and I hope I have been as good a support system as she has been to me) I see our friendship only getting stronger.

Sometimes life doesn’t end up like we want it to but Ashley always makes the best with what she has.

For your birthday Ashley I wish you nothing but the best. I hope your smile never fades, I hope you know how much I appreciate and love you, I hope you know I can’t wait to be roommates again, I hope you get everything you wanted for your birthday.

Know that some funfetti cupcakes are on their way (well at the beginning of May) I’m sorry I can’t be there to celebrate but know I’m there in spirit and we’ll do plenty of celebrating to make up for the time lost!


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