I feel like the theme of this week was disappointment. It wasn’t all bad but not a lot of good news came my way. I didn’t get the job I wanted. I still can’t figure my heart out. I can’t control my heart. (I think those last two go hand in hand) … I can’t get my business up and running. I can’t save my money. Lots of things I want to do but I feel like there are tons of roadblocks. Thing is this time I’m not letting disappointment stop me. I’m moving right along and I’m trying to figure this thing out. Tear after tear. Step after step. This heart has done a lot of breaking recently but sometimes broken things are stronger when put back together. I believe that I wasn’t asked to be patient for no reason. I don’t believe that I’ve been waiting and will not be rewarded. I’ve always believed I will be. Until that time comes I want to live with grace, and love, and hope. Because I’m not sure there is any other way to live. Or I’m not sure I want to know any other way of living.


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