My oh my…

So much to tell.

Let’s go in order:

  1. Ma’s Sweet Treats Bakery has business cards, pens, notepad, stickers and an order pad!
  2. It’s really happening.
  3. I’m terrified
  4. I clumsily slid down some stairs the other day on a houseboat
  5. Now my left side looks a pretty blackish, blueish, purpleish color.
  6. We are less than 6 weeks away from my sister’s wedding.
  7. If you have an remedies to healing bruises fast that would be amazing seeing as how I want to make sure they are gone before said wedding.
  8. I’m going through some major stuff personally. Stuff I’d rather not get in-depth about because I’m not sure what words are right at this time.
  9. Do you ever feel like life is repeating itself, hoping you make a different decision this time around? No, Me either.
  10. I love Cupcake Wars! One day Ashley and I will be on there, winning some money for a storefront.
  11. Speaking of … if you want some business cards to pass around let me know. I’m currently working on the menu. I tend to think about too big so I’m keeping it small at the beginning!
  12. Ahhh I don’t even think that’s all but that’s all I can remember right now

4 years and a 5K

Sometimes it’s amazing to reflect back at where we’ve come from and just imagine where we can go. Over 4 years ago I met Ashley, who I’ve written about before …  here, we worked together and became friends. Since then we’ve been roommates, she’s become one of my best friends and one of my biggest supporters. Yesterday we did something I never would have dreamed of when we became friends. We ran a 5K. We ran most of it too, which is no small feat. We recorded a personal best time. I did the race in 32:46 seconds! My goal was under 35 considering I hadn’t been running a lot lately and I am having old woman knee issues ha ha.

Two things got me through this race with that time…one was of course having Ashley by my side and not wanting to let her down, she’s a great running partner! The second is to think that 2 1/2 years ago I weighed a little less than 220 lbs, I couldn’t run 1/4 of a mile without stopping (heck I could barely walk at a 3.5 pace), I never dreamed I would run anything or lose 70lbs. Now I’ve done a mini marathon, I suggest starting with a 5K but when someone tells me I can’t do something I say watch me, and a 5K. I still struggle everyday with image issues but I need to remember more often where I’ve come from. That it wasn’t a fast, easy journey. It’s been slow, long, and tedious but I’ve made some huge changes in my life that will lead to healthier futures for my family and I. I think this 5K is a game changer for me. I reminded me of having fun with working out instead of it being monotonous and to try things I’m scared even though I might fail. Next month we are doing a mud obstacle course. I’m going to take a barreamped class. I want to find an adult ballet or hip hop class. I want to have fun and enjoy what I’ve accomplished. and I’ll probably throw some more 5K’s in there because getting it under 30 min’s would be fabulously amazing!

This isn’t about the end result, it truly has become about the journey. A journey I should enjoy!


I have some news. Some big news. A while back someone asked me if I could do anything for the rest of my life what would I do. After answering the obvious answer for me, which is being a wife and mother, I said I would be a baker. There is something so freeing, open, and real about creating food for others. I love seeing others enjoy something I have created. Through my writing and my baking is how I clear my mind. These are my creative outlets.

Way back at new years I set of goal of trying everyday, to do something, so I have created a business! Yes my very own bakery. For a long time, to see how this goes, it’ll only be an online bakery. A store front is expensive and a large investment that I can’t take at the moment. We have a name “Ma’s Sweet Treats Bakery” and a logo:

I’m so happy to finally be taking this leap. I was super concerned to actually tell people what I was doing, what I was dreaming up, what I was creating BUT I have been met with an overwhelming amount of support. My family and friends have all backed up my dreams! (not that I ever doubted how amazing they are!) They’ve offered words of encouragement, ideas, looked over logos, ideas and names. They’ve offered their kitchens and spaces. They’ve become springboards and support systems. Because of them I’m able to write this post.

So who knows where this new journey will lead! I’m excited and scared but I’ve read before that if your dreams don’t scare you they aren’t big enough! This definitely scares me but the regret of not trying scares me more!

Here’s to Ma’s Sweet Treats, who is feeding my soul through feeding others, and to my amazing support system…you all are amazing!

Writing and Creating.

If I’ve learned anything about myself recently it has been that I was made to create. The older I get the more I am willing to put myself out there with writing, baking, creating. I’ve felt the urge to go, to write, even when I’m not sure I have anything worth saying. I haven’t been the best at following that urge but I”m going to make a genuine effort to start. For one I know how much I have been impacted by others writing. I would hope my story, my mistakes, my words can impact another person for the better, make them realize there is room in this world for a person just like them. That’s what I’ve needed recently. I needed to know that there was room in the Christian world for a girl who has strayed, made mistakes, fallen and fallen and fallen again only to come back in to the only hands that have caught me when I fell. To realize I was enough. At 25 to search for perfect has stopped for the search for peace, hope, love and forgiveness. Those are the attributes that matter.

Fear and Free falling.

So it’s been a little while since I’ve written a long little while at that. A lot has happened but I’ve settled into my townhouse, settled into work, been on 2 interviews and heard 2 no’s in those interviews, tears have fallen after intense discussions with a friend, joy has filled my heart at realizing what deep meaningful friendships I have here, I’ve laughed and laughed and laughed with my friends, I’ve watched the olympics, wished for horseracing and kentucky sports. I’ve been re-assured more than I should need to be how I am enough, how I am a good person and how even though I seem to continuously get knocked down I will get back up. I’ve been mean to myself more than I’d like to admit and been reminded by a friend just how far I’ve come and to be proud of losing 70 lbs. I ran into one of my best friends from high school, it’s been 7 years since we’ve seen each other, he lives in my apt complex. He’s married and I felt this overwhelming joy for him. This joy that he found happiness that he so desired. I felt joy for my friend. I’ve started a business, made business cards, and started the flyers. I’ve dreamed up some big dreams, created goals and started to pray about how to reach them. I’ve visited multiple churches and still have no idea what or where God wants me. I’m fearful of this free fall I’m on but I know I’m landing in capable hands. I know I have the types of friends that I can only be blessed with from a gracious God. I know that it will all work out the way that’s best!