Writing and Creating.

If I’ve learned anything about myself recently it has been that I was made to create. The older I get the more I am willing to put myself out there with writing, baking, creating. I’ve felt the urge to go, to write, even when I’m not sure I have anything worth saying. I haven’t been the best at following that urge but I”m going to make a genuine effort to start. For one I know how much I have been impacted by others writing. I would hope my story, my mistakes, my words can impact another person for the better, make them realize there is room in this world for a person just like them. That’s what I’ve needed recently. I needed to know that there was room in the Christian world for a girl who has strayed, made mistakes, fallen and fallen and fallen again only to come back in to the only hands that have caught me when I fell. To realize I was enough. At 25 to search for perfect has stopped for the search for peace, hope, love and forgiveness. Those are the attributes that matter.


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