I have some news. Some big news. A while back someone asked me if I could do anything for the rest of my life what would I do. After answering the obvious answer for me, which is being a wife and mother, I said I would be a baker. There is something so freeing, open, and real about creating food for others. I love seeing others enjoy something I have created. Through my writing and my baking is how I clear my mind. These are my creative outlets.

Way back at new years I set of goal of trying everyday, to do something, so I have created a business! Yes my very own bakery. For a long time, to see how this goes, it’ll only be an online bakery. A store front is expensive and a large investment that I can’t take at the moment. We have a name “Ma’s Sweet Treats Bakery” and a logo:

I’m so happy to finally be taking this leap. I was super concerned to actually tell people what I was doing, what I was dreaming up, what I was creating BUT I have been met with an overwhelming amount of support. My family and friends have all backed up my dreams! (not that I ever doubted how amazing they are!) They’ve offered words of encouragement, ideas, looked over logos, ideas and names. They’ve offered their kitchens and spaces. They’ve become springboards and support systems. Because of them I’m able to write this post.

So who knows where this new journey will lead! I’m excited and scared but I’ve read before that if your dreams don’t scare you they aren’t big enough! This definitely scares me but the regret of not trying scares me more!

Here’s to Ma’s Sweet Treats, who is feeding my soul through feeding others, and to my amazing support system…you all are amazing!



  1. Sara M. · August 11, 2012

    Wow, Misty, congrats! What an exciting first step and who knows where it may lead. I hope you have amazing business. Let us know when there is a website. =)

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