4 years and a 5K

Sometimes it’s amazing to reflect back at where we’ve come from and just imagine where we can go. Over 4 years ago I met Ashley, who I’ve written about before …  here, we worked together and became friends. Since then we’ve been roommates, she’s become one of my best friends and one of my biggest supporters. Yesterday we did something I never would have dreamed of when we became friends. We ran a 5K. We ran most of it too, which is no small feat. We recorded a personal best time. I did the race in 32:46 seconds! My goal was under 35 considering I hadn’t been running a lot lately and I am having old woman knee issues ha ha.

Two things got me through this race with that time…one was of course having Ashley by my side and not wanting to let her down, she’s a great running partner! The second is to think that 2 1/2 years ago I weighed a little less than 220 lbs, I couldn’t run 1/4 of a mile without stopping (heck I could barely walk at a 3.5 pace), I never dreamed I would run anything or lose 70lbs. Now I’ve done a mini marathon, I suggest starting with a 5K but when someone tells me I can’t do something I say watch me, and a 5K. I still struggle everyday with image issues but I need to remember more often where I’ve come from. That it wasn’t a fast, easy journey. It’s been slow, long, and tedious but I’ve made some huge changes in my life that will lead to healthier futures for my family and I. I think this 5K is a game changer for me. I reminded me of having fun with working out instead of it being monotonous and to try things I’m scared even though I might fail. Next month we are doing a mud obstacle course. I’m going to take a barreamped class. I want to find an adult ballet or hip hop class. I want to have fun and enjoy what I’ve accomplished. and I’ll probably throw some more 5K’s in there because getting it under 30 min’s would be fabulously amazing!

This isn’t about the end result, it truly has become about the journey. A journey I should enjoy!


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