My oh my…

So much to tell.

Let’s go in order:

  1. Ma’s Sweet Treats Bakery has business cards, pens, notepad, stickers and an order pad!
  2. It’s really happening.
  3. I’m terrified
  4. I clumsily slid down some stairs the other day on a houseboat
  5. Now my left side looks a pretty blackish, blueish, purpleish color.
  6. We are less than 6 weeks away from my sister’s wedding.
  7. If you have an remedies to healing bruises fast that would be amazing seeing as how I want to make sure they are gone before said wedding.
  8. I’m going through some major stuff personally. Stuff I’d rather not get in-depth about because I’m not sure what words are right at this time.
  9. Do you ever feel like life is repeating itself, hoping you make a different decision this time around? No, Me either.
  10. I love Cupcake Wars! One day Ashley and I will be on there, winning some money for a storefront.
  11. Speaking of … if you want some business cards to pass around let me know. I’m currently working on the menu. I tend to think about too big so I’m keeping it small at the beginning!
  12. Ahhh I don’t even think that’s all but that’s all I can remember right now

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