On the tail end of my 20’s….

Here I am days away from turning 26, officially the downhill slope of my 20’s (I like to think 25 as just a middle year neither closer to 20 or 30) I’m excited about this birthday, let’s take a year in review.

25 started off rocky but with the exact people that would pull me through this year.

I had goals for turning 25…let’s just say I didn’t accomplish them by 25 I accomplished during 25, which was perfect. I got a job in my career field and I love it. I paid off my credit cards. I moved back home and worked on myself. I’ve spent more time with my family. I’m happy. Genuinely, happy.

I moved back to Louisville for a while with Brittany and that was a great, great, great month in my life. I had so much time to see my parents, to hang out with friends, figure out what kind of job I wanted.

Lexington once again became home. A great home. Not sure how I got so lucky to live with 2 of my best friends in the past year. Ashley and Brittany helped pull me through, especially when that dark cloud was overhead. 

I opened a business. It’s going slow. But it’s a business. It’s a fun dream. I love to bake so why not.  

Speaking of why not. I found a new motto. If someone asks me to do something I’ll say why not and if I can’t come up with a legitimate reason to not do it then I have to.

25 was the year I learned the things matter. My life matters. My faith matters. My voice matters. It’s in this year I’ve actually seen the separation in the not just saying but doing. In 25 my life grew deeper, and I’m proud of the the growing up I did.

Reading over the past years blogs it’s evident that 25 was a growing year, which is what every year should be. I have always read that growing older is a great thing and that being ‘you’ becomes somewhat easier. I still have a ways to go but I can attest to that. The older I’ve gotten the less I think about what other say. I think less about making everyone else happy and my friend. I worry more about making my current friends happy, making their lives richer by me being it. By practicing more grace and understanding messing up is a part of life. I’m understanding what contentment is and that is can live in the same space as dreams.

 Enough looking back, and I’m don’t want to look forward too much in the future. I want to overall theme of 26 to be smile, laugh, try and give. I want to continue to smile. To enjoy what I have in this moment. I plan to start with celebrating with my friends but having dinner and games and maybe some dancing. The games part will lead straight into laughing. I never thought I would love a Saturday night of playing games but it’s never boring with my friends. I want to try new things, try to put myself in a better place. Try to make someone else’s life better. Try to make someone else smile…daily. I want to give. I want my business to be about giving. I haven’t quite figured that one out yet but I have ideas. I want to go to Africa I think that might be too steep a goal for the next year but I want to try.

25 was a great year, a year that changed me for the better. A year of letting go and becoming. 25 was amazing.

Thank you to those that have made 25 such an amazing year. For every smile, for every hug. For every encouraging word. For every tear you wiped away and every laugh you brought. Thank you.