27 Years and 11 Months.

I guess technically tomorrow is 27 years and 11 months but hey who is counting 🙂 I’ll let you in on a little secret, I love birthdays. I love just about anyone’s birthday. So of course I love my birthday. I don’t really make big extravagant plans anymore, I’m 27 I have to grow up at some point, I guess. I think one of the best things you can do for someone on their birthday is just let them know they matter, presents are great but just showing up and living life is even better. That’s one of the bigger things I’ve learned in my young 27 years of life. I decided to start off celebrating my 27th year in a month-long remembrance/lessons learned in what has been an overall great year.

1. The number one thing is that I know nothing. Seriously, I thought I had some of this life stuff figured out, NOPE. The only thing that is for sure is that the heart of life is good, thank you John Mayer. Life is a messy mix of hope, joy, sadness, hurt…but I think the dark times make me appreciate the good times even more. I’m learning to be ok with the not knowing. I mean my “planned out” life is so much more boring than the unexpected life I’m living now.

2. Communication is key. In all areas of life. I saw a great quote today that said something about those that are most successful are the ones that are willing to have hard conversations. GOSH. I suck at this. I will let you walk all over, or some people run over me with a Mac truck before I decide to have a hard conversation. I think that’s a goal in the next year. Say what I need to, talk to the people I need to about the stuff that matters, let go of the rest.

3. Accepting yourself. Since very few people read this I’m ok talking about this little fact here. I used to be overweight quite a bit. It’s still something I struggle with, accepting who I am now. See the thing is no one tells you that your fat. No one focuses on your weight. They focus on everything else, well when you lost weight EVERYONE focuses on it. It becomes a balancing act of the people who knew fat-misty to the people who know me now. It’s tough when people focus on your image all of sudden, I became self-conscious and worked out realllllly hard for years. I think I over did it for a while. Year 27 was hard. I haven’t worked out as hard, and as one of my Serve the City kids so sweetly pointed out my belly jiggles a little. But that’s ok. That belly has enjoyed dinners with roommates, and friends, and a boyfriend. I’d rather have a belly than be unhappy anymore. I’ve always believed that accepting myself would come with age. It’s one of the reasons that I have looked forward to getting older.

4. Never, I mean never make decisions when you’re hungry or tired. Seriously when you become self-aware to this fact your life will become about 65% easier…I also realize I’m hungry or tired 95% of the time. Maybe I should work on that too in year 28.

5. Other than the previous statement, do not use the word never. It will come back to bite you in the rear-end. Case in point I said I do not date younger guys, I said that about 15 minutes before I met my babe, who is younger.

6. My friend told me she like 27 was my year, not really sure what that means exactly, but I think it’s great to start out every year with some hope. 27 has been a great year. A learning year. I mean I dated some not great guys but have great stories. Met an amazing man who teaches me everyday to trust myself and just believe. I met a group of girls who participate in life with me, who show and support me at a baptism even when they knew I might be upset that they did (thank you for not listening to me). I feel like I really started to become the woman I’m supposed to be, that feels great.

7. I can’t say enough about my friends. There have been MANY posts about them over the course of this blog. As I get older I realize what a great resource and support system they can be and how great it is to find friends to grow with you in life. It is true there are seasonal friends but then there are people you met that literally change your life. You move and grow and change together.

8. Don’t believe you’re ever to old to meet new friends. Some of the people who have come into my life in the last 3 months have rapidly impacted my life for the better. Open hearts people, let’s have open hearts.

To be continued over the next month as we celebrate!


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