Best Advice

The title of this blog is 27 and Still Learning. Basically like I said in the last blog I realize now that I still have sooooo much to learn. On Monday I was tired (bad), emotionally drained (worse) and just couldn’t think straight. I went to my normal Serve the City and ended up in a discussion about the current situations in our life. One girl said her prayer these days was to Protect her Mind and Pace her Heart. I don’t think any 7 words could have struck me harder.

I’ve been guilty lately of not protecting my mind, listening to advice that I shouldn’t and just letting my mind wander, especially when tired. I’ve not been pacing my heart. I’ve been guilty of thinking what comes next, where will this lead and what’s my next step. This isn’t the life I want to lead. I don’t want to be rushing through life. We only get this one. Currently, while not perfect, this life is good. Thankfully we aren’t all the same, I’m pushing myself passed boundaries I wouldn’t dare go in life before. I’m pushing myself to let go of the past, of control, and of the thought process that I’ll never be good enough.

So my prayer these days is to protect my mind and pace my heart. I want to live this life in the moment, in the present. I’ll be more than happy to continue this prayer into year 28. I can’t express how my gratitude for the new people who bring insights, advice, prayer and love into my daily life. Life may be messy but it’s good.


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