Thank you.

Thank you for courage. For support. For love. I sometimes wonder when I write if I’m being selfish by asking others to read my problems, which sometimes aren’t that huge, but I received a few texts about last weeks post. About vulnerability. About the idea that we’re all struggling with something. Sometimes others just show it more. That it’s ok to be weak. Let me tell you it gets better. Awareness is a powerful thing. When you’re aware to the weakness’ you will still struggle but you’ll be able to see them quickly and try to stop that thought train. I haven’t felt this strong in a while. I haven’t felt this worthy in a while. My worth isn’t determined in Chris, or my relationship, or my friendships. It’s found in me. It’s found in my God. He says I’m worthy, that I’m his daughter. When that thought is firmly placed in your mind it’ll be easier to let go of the you aren’t good enough thoughts, or he’s going to find someone better.


There’s still a lot of work to be done in my heart but I’m on my way. Thank you for walking with me and praying along this journey. I don’t know what tomorrow holds, if heartbreak is on the horizon, or if big changes are happening but I know it’s good. This life is worth being lived and lived fully. Joy, loss, love, heartbreak, grace, mercy. I want it all. We were designed to live a full life, not a scared life.


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