Let. It. Be.

Yesterday’s lunch consisted of animal crackers & peanut butter with some yogurt & fruit. Very simple, and very kindergarten. I fully admit how excited I was about that. I feel like life has been about too many grown up decisions lately. Not enough fun, so today I decided eating a lunch like that was good. I can take things too seriously and think that one small decision can ruin my whole life. (Like the scone I ate for dinner, that for sure ruined my entire diet in my mind) I also, fully realize how ridiculous this thought process is. I’m learning these simple words “let it be”.

I tend to ask silly questions, because I want everyone to be comfortable. I am overly cautious and sometimes an over-thinker. It gets annoying to me, so I’m sure it’s annoying to everyone else. It can, occasionally, provide good laughs. And sometimes really great laughs and conversations to follow. I won’t drop a subject until I fully understand what is happening instead of it realizing I can’t fix everything, let it be.

Slowly (sometimes painfully for those around me) I’m learning those words Let. it. be. No more worrying about silly things, no more holding onto dreams that are dissipating, no more trying to control things I’m not meant to control. Let it be. Breathe. I’m learning when the well-worn path of worry in my brain starts to get over-active I have to just breathe and let it be.

There’s a plan, I’m not meant to understand it right now. That’s ok. Let it be. I’m going to keep on striving and following what my heart says. Right now it says chill out. Do design work. Bake some cupcakes. Work hard. Love my friends. Go on dates, ONLY IF I feel like it and I’m ok single, it doesn’t define me or say my worth. There’s so much more to life.