I Need a Little Favor.

So here’s the thing. I need a favor. Prayer to be specific. When we’re called to do big things it can be overwhelming, it can be scary, and the chance for failure is huge. But the opposite is even scarier. Not following a calling God lays directly on your heart.

Here’s a little background. About 3 months ago I started feeling like God was calling me to put together a 5K. The thing with that is I couldn’t figure out why. What should it support? I have a lot of dreams for Southland and what I want to see happen there, but it didn’t seem to be the answer. I work in Woodhill weekly and there are so many GREAT organizations that work within that community, but none of them seemed to be the answer either. I felt so crazy that I didn’t share it with many people but everyone I told my dream to just smiled and said let’s do this even if I didn’t have a cause yet. (That’s the best part about living in community, is that the people around you just say let’s do this, you’re dreaming it and I’m on board) One, in particular, Janelle who happens to be our fearless leader at STC, connected me with a friend Lesley. One day I’ll let Lesley share her heart with why she felt called to do this, but I’ll tell the short version. Lesley is an architect and she felt it on her heart to build a playground for our Woodhill kiddos. Somehow in the months leading up to our sit-down neither of us had shared our dreams, God was working separately in our hearts to prepare us. It’s a crazy thing to look back and see his hand in ALL of this. This is God’s work, his 5K, his playground and his hand is noticeable.

So here we are. She’s working on this amazing playground for those kids, I’m working away planning a 5K. Prayer that God continues to direct us and that we would listen. That permits, weather, dates, and plans come together. Most importantly that he would be glorified as we start this journey. The thing is we know this playground won’t put food in their stomachs, it won’t pay their bills, or even fix their cars what it will do is allow them to be KIDS. It will get them active, expand their imagination and what matters to me is it shows them they’re important. They’re worth the time and investment from ALOT of people. It’s something that this community will own.

This is what we’re beginning with the playground and basketball court:

Playground Basketball Court

I pray that people support this and that we find sponsors who see the value in these kids. That we have runners who will celebrate with us, that these ideas and dreams can come to fruition. I’m not so scared of failure. I know if we continue to keep the center of this in it’s correct place it will be wonderful.I’ve set the goal rather high because I believe in what we’re doing. I believe in the people who have commmited to help. I believe God shows up in big ways, bigger than I can ever imagine when we follow his will. I believe in theses kids, and this neighborhood. They’re my family too.
So back to my favor. Prayer. Please remember us in the next couple months. If you’d like to volunteer, just let me know. If you want to run, I can’t wait to let you sign up. Pray just pray that I remember to continuously wake up, open my palms and say I’m here & willing, you do your work God.

Let’s run this race.