It is still good.

Last week I was blessed enough to spend some time in NYC for work. It was a nightmare getting there and home but the in between was great. I am, admittedly, a bad traveler with a group. I get easily frustrated with delays and I like my space at times. I went into this trip with some different goals. I am really working on enjoying everyday for what it is. Finding those tiny moments that make up life. I got up early on the last day to walk around Central Park for a little quiet time. I’ve been to NYC a couple times and never took the time to walk around the park. This small space in the middle of city was so quiet and beautiful. The tall skylines that surround this little paradise in middle of the island were such a beautiful reminder of all the facets of my life. I spend most of my time in that frantic, skyline, city area of my life. Running from project to project. Moment to moment without as much of a thought to slow down. I want to develop the habit of spending more time in that quiet, peaceful place. The center of my life. The soul of it.


Because when I stop and appreciate what a day has brought instead of focusing on what I lost or am missing life gets better. When I step out of the way and let God do his work, there’s more peace. Why is it so hard for us to let go of clenched fist and control of relationships when we know patience is sometimes how God works? His planning is much better than I could dream. If I’m honest, please don’t judge, I’ve found myself with angry clenched fist. Angry that life has changed in such a way that was unexpected. Angry that I’m doing the supposed “right” things and what feels correct, what feels like what God would want me to do but I find myself depressed. Angry at God for giving me a desire, but I sit by and watch friend after friend have that desire fulfilled for them. In that anger I realized I let the dangerous thoughts of my worthiness be questioned. This does no good and only pushes further into a dark place, its a well worn path that I’m changing. I’m thankful to be able to recognize those moments now. I’m grateful to have (amazing) mentors that reinforce the positive. Thankful that I understand the Daniel 3:18 & even if not, God is still good. Just because a promise isn’t kept in our timing doesn’t mean the promise isn’t kept. I have to believe the positive. There’s a reason these people and this place are in my life. So maybe if loosen up my grip, let the anger go of what was supposed to be and appreciate what is I can see what I have. I can live a lot more in love and kindness, without conditions.

There’s a PURPOSE and just because I do not understand doesn’t mean the purpose isn’t good. So I am being more resolute in just being who I am. Not trying to be more or less for people. Accepting what is, and being thankful for that time.



Friday Review of the Week

I know I’m not the only one feeling this way but I am so glad this week is over with. Something about this snowy/icy weather makes for long weeks. I get the mid-week/winter depression and it hangs over me. I hate it. I feel all out of sorts and confused. Honestly, I broke last night. I just cried and it felt ok. Sometimes we have to let go of being so strong and just let it be. Yesterday was the loneliest I have felt in a while and it wasn’t good. But as with my resolution I’ve looked at today as a new day and that I’m going to make it through this ‘season.’ In the spectrum of time 3 1/2 months isn’t that long and I’ve made it through worse. Also, just like usual something comes along that reminds me of the important things. That it’s ok and its a continuous growth in life. As Joyce Meyers puts it “I’m not where I need to be but thank God I’m not where I used to be.”

This week hasn’t been all bad though. I’ve been searching Pinterest as usual and found lots of ideas I love. Many I will never have the time or money to complete but nevertheless I love them.

I pretty much picked out the bridesmaids dress I want to wear at my sisters wedding, yes another wedding I know. It’s very pretty and I can’t wait to try it on this weekend. I can’t wait to go home and get a hug from my pops and mom. All of my life I’ve taken for granted hugs and how important they are, and how a simple hug can just make everything right in the world. (well at least most hugs can, not those awkward hi which way do we go hugs, but real I care about you and make you feel safe hugs) I’ve missed them. I also realized this point last night. I miss affection in my life when I’m in this city. I don’t have the safe feeling. So basically I miss being hugged. And this is one of the reasons I can’t wait to get home this weekend!

I’ve recently discovered the Civil Wars and for King and Country. They both have been on constant repeat this week on my computer. I need music in my life while I’m studying. Otherwise I get distracted. I can sit at a Panera with my headphones in and get so much done. If I don’t have my music I will people watch all day long. This is probably my favorite song with The Civil Wars right now (it’s off the Hunger Games soundtrack, which I can’t wait to see this movie and it features Taylor Swift) … (notice the theme of safe and sound, it seems to be reoccuring in my life right now)

I also found a new blog I really like called Iowa Girl Eats … if you know me you know that me posting anything about Iowa is funny. I feel like I can relate to this blogger in a lot of ways and I find it enjoyable to read. She’s inspired me with her Friday Favorites.

And the recipe for the week comes from….who else the Pioneer Woman! Who has a show in Food Network now…I just can’t get enough of how much I respect this woman. She inspires me too.

Sorry I got on the tangent about hugs…sometimes that happens. I hope you have a fabulous weekend. I’m headed to the symphony for the first time on Saturday. I think I’ll enjoy it. If not at least now I’ll know!

Happy Weekend!

Friday Links! (on a Saturday Morning)

So earlier this week I started thinking about what kind of links I wanted to do this Friday. Well as you can see it is Saturday and I am just now doing the post…oops. Somehow my Friday got away from me and I’m not sure how that happened. Oh well. I figured a day late is better than nothing at all!

First I must say that this Texts From Bennett site has been making its way around the internet. It claims to be real and I have met people in my life-like Bennett so that’s not hard for me to believe. It makes me laugh … a lot so I’m not really concerned if it is real or not. Warning the language can be a little much but the spelling and grammar mistakes are too funny.

I posted this on my FB page but I can’t stop laughing at this pictures. One thing you learn quickly about me is I LOVE the University of Kentucky. I mean absolutely love it. Love the school, can’t wait to get my masters from there, love the football team, love the basketball team. I support the players past when they are done at the school. I actively support the Bronco’s because Wesley Woodyard plays for them, Green Bay Packers because they have Randall Cobb and Tim Masthay, Washington Wizards because of John Wall, Detroit Pistons because of Tayshaun Prince and Brandon Knight and the Sacramento Kings because of DeMarcus Cousins and Chuck Hayes. Get the point I love them. Well every once in a while there is player that comes along and you can’t help but love. Not only for their skills but their personality. That is DeMarcus Cousins! They published his photos from media day and hilarious is all I can say. So funny and his quotes are sarcastic and funny. Here are the pictures and a quote from one of my all time favorite blogs Kentucky Sports Radio. Oh DeMarcus thank you for the laugh this week!

Have to include this little crafty post for the week. Headbands…favorite accessory (well maybe tied with a scarf). I’m wearing one with a big black sequins bow as I type. Here is a DIY Ribbon Wrapped Headband from Lil Boo Blue. Enjoy!

Alright I’m off to spend the weekend in my favorite place…LEXINGTON! Christmas party with some dear friends tonight. I’m sure it will include lots of laughter and hilarious gifts. I will probably be blushing the entire time. What’s life without a little embarrassment! Have a fabulous weekend!


Friday links! (Pinterest Edition)

Something about the holidays just makes me feel like a crafty person. I like creating things but with my renewed interest in Pinterest and all the crafty things available on there my desire to create has been heightened. So this Friday will be a lot of links about craftiness.

First I love headbands. I have one that is a big sequin bow and it just gives a little bit extra when I wear it. Even if it is just a t-shirt and scarf. Well on I found this little DIY project earlier today on Pinterest. You can create a headband, bracelet, necklace and ring from just a t-shirt! Love. (Tripping Over Joy)

I love how the internet has create a tutorial on how to do almost anything. It is amazing the connection we can have with people. I have bangs. I kinda love them…sometimes. Because I have such dark hair a lot of times the french braid thing doesn’t look too good. Well I found this tutorial and I can’t wait to try it out. I says it is quicker than a french braid so we will see and I’ll TRY to remember to tell you how it worked.

I just noticed I’m using I love a lot in this post. Well here is another thing I love…wrapping presents. I try and make pretty bows…key word try. well here is a little guide to making nice and pretty bows. I love the colors and it looks like they are using magazine strips. GENIUS. (100 Layer Cake-blog) I visited this blog as well and they have some pretty cool wedding ideas…probably should pass this along to my sister!

I try not to take the librarian title to the extreme but I truly love books. I love the way books look sat around a living room. They are great for decorating and discussion topics and in general awesomeness. Well I think this lamp is a great way to use some old books. I think you can probably find the books you need at a yard sale, half priced book store, flea market or peddlers mall and not pay that much! (HGTV via Pinterest, of course)

So go on your merry way and create some stuff this weekend!

“If you ever felt like giving up, remember why you kept holding on”

Craft time! Cards!

So I need to admit something. I keep almost any card that is sent to me. Whether it is a birthday, graduation, valentines day or just a any day card. There is something about going back through them that makes me smile. Like reminds me how loved I am. Well I have been looking for something to do with these cards for a while. I didn’t want to just put them in a box and I came across this on one of my favorite blogs (yes i know this is for “christmas picture cards”) but I think it works just as well for me. Nice thing is I already have a hole punch and the metal claspy things she recommends…and the best time to start this project…11 pm at night.

Here is what I started with:

A huge pile of cards, three hole punch and some binder rings!

Next I just divided my cards out into the different “books” I wanted to make. So I did a graduation card, birthday card, cards from my momma and cards from my friends book!

After dividing them I started punching holes in the cards:

This is what took the longest…mainly because I started looking and reading all the cards again. I found gems like this card from one of my college roommates Val:

She drew out a scenario that incorporated most of the funniest moments during our time as roommates our sophomore year! It made me smile.

Next I put the binder rings through all the holes and clipped it shut. Then end book ended up looking like this:


This was my graduation book! The great thing about the binder rings is they allow you to still open the card!

Here are the four ‘books’ that I have now:  

I love them! I can add to the books whenever I want because the binder rings allow you to add new cards. Also, I can buy different sizes in the future if the book gets to big…but I think at that point I’ll start throwing some of the old ones out. Now I can organize these on my bookshelf!

So now that this craft project is finished and it has started me on a major “cleansing” project. I’ve started going through my stuff and getting rid of what I do not need. Like clothes, papers, junk. etc. It feels good to throw out un-needed stuff. I’m preparing for a move in the next 6 months and I want to streamline the process as much as possible.

I’m also on a major baking kick. I’m going to bake some pumpkin bread this weekend and maybe just maybe these mini corn loaves from who else The Pioneer Woman. I’m pretty excited to try them!


Friday Funday (and links)

Happy Friday! Thought I would share this nice message I saw this morning:

I loved seeing this and it definitely brightened my day.

In other good news I finally finished my grad school application, requested my transcripts and finished my personal essay! Now I’m just waiting for my recommendation letters to be submitted to IUPUI and cross my fingers the rest works out fine!

It’s been a little bit of a rough week. I let my emotions get the best of me one day and I had a little bit of a breakdown. But I know sometimes I need to cry and I need to be comforted. I tend to be stubborn and not want to rely on others. I know I’ve pushed people away hoping they would push back and still be there for me…stupid I know. But it’s all part of growing up. I’ve realized these things about me, good and bad, I know what works and what doesn’t and sometimes I need hard reminders of how much support I do need.

I was searching for templates and ideas earlier for Recipe cards. I love to cook and I think these are great gift ideas. Here is a website that I found that has 30+ printable cards! It’s called Tipnut.

I found this a couple weeks ago and I LOVE IT! One day when I have a house I will do something like this … amazing! It’s from a blog called Running from the Law. So creative

When we go to California in October we will be hitting up San Francisco and when we do we WILL be visiting this bakery, Miette! We have a cookbook of theirs at work and it is beautiful. They bake with organic and local products and I love it. I love places like that!

Back to work I go! My sister and family are visiting this weekend and I can not wait! My nephew brightens my life and can make me smile like non other! 8 year olds truly say the funniest things!

Friday Fun! (on a Saturday!)

It’s Saturday! (and I need sleep…I’m too old to be up late 2 nights in a row)…So I tried to finish this on Friday but time got away from me and I ended up at the Apple Store which means nothing got finished!

As I mentioned last Friday our house has another inhabitant:

This is Loretta! she is a Mini Lop bunny! How adorable?! She was very skiddish at first but she is coming around to us and loves to cuddle!

I am in full planning mode for my friends bridal shower!?! I won’t give away the theme on the random chance she decides to read my blog! But I’m super excited and I am loving this…my mind is in creative mode these days, I feel like I’m doing something so important and I want her to enjoy this day to the fullest! If you have any ideas I would love them!

Along with the theme I am looking up recipes like crazy these days. I wish I had money to just buy all the ingredients and cook all the time. I’d be one happy girl. I have spent my morning at work look at foodgawker. Such great ideas and so many new things!

I FINISHED MY GRAD SCHOOL ESSAY! That in itself was a great thing since I haven’t written an essay in like 3 years.

I know everyone has been talking about “Watch the Throne” album but I must say it is amazing. I’ve been listening to it a lot while at work and I love it.

I found this link on another blog and loved it. A Beautiful Mess. I also love the name of her blog. Sometimes I feel it’s in vain to say I feel like I’m a beautiful mess but its the truth I am. Sometimes I think I’m more of a mess than beautiful but life would be boring if it was the same every day.

Well I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Spend it with some people you love and enjoy it!