Who am I?

Who am I? Such a good question. Easy answers. I’m a late-20’s lady, who is a daughter, sister, aunt, friend, and much more. I work in social media, which I’m still unsure how the positively or negatively affects me. I’m not looking to figure life out anymore. I want to enjoy it and live it. Up’s, down’s, joy and sadness. I believe life is messy, it’s a journey, and there are absolutely no easy answers. I’m re-discovering my faith and changing what I believed about myself for 20 plus years. This blog is probably where I’ll share what I’m learning, funny or sad, and where I want to go. I want to be held accountable and I want to help others. So hopefully my words can help in some way.

In the end if you asked me what I want to be remembered for in life it would be for loving people, for making them feel welcome and for living an abundant life through my faults and fears.

10338581_10100106270430212_8633658446065764791_o (1)

Facts: I love to bake and cook. I want to open a bakery one day. I’d also love to be a sportscaster for ESPN. I have big dreams…obviously. I’m sometimes clumsy and apologize a lot. I hate ladybugs, like don’t ever ask me to remove one from a room. I’ll freak out. At 28 I’ve finally started making my bed regularly. I’m an adult now.


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